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What's next Downtown?  Once an underutilized, work-driven central core that had seen its better days, Downtown has again become the heartbeat of the Bayou City and the region. Buzzing with development of all kinds— new hotels, restaurant rows, luxury residential projects and convenient public transportation options — the city center didn’t get to where it is today by happenstance.

“Thirteen years have gone by since Downtown’s last comprehensive plan, and we’re made tremendous progress since then,” said Bob Eury, Executive Director of the Houston Downtown Management District (Downtown District). “Now it’s time for us to take a fresh look at what lies ahead and prepare for the future. Can Houston adapt to driverless cars, a sharing economy, collaborative work environments and work-life integration? How can we better prepare Downtown Houston for the next few decades?”

With that in mind, the Downtown District has launched Plan Downtown, a 20-year vision plan that will outline recommendations for short, middle and long-range planning, development and design within and around Downtown.

While Downtown has established itself as a destination for working, living and recreation, Plan Downtown will recommend how it can continue to be a relevant and welcoming gathering place for all Houstonians.

Throughout the spring and early summer, the project team will lead a series of leadership group meetings, steering committee workshops, topical small group discussions and public workshops. In addition, the public will be invited to participate in planning efforts by website and text-based visioning exercises.

Mark your calendars for the first public meetings scheduled for April 12.   For more info, visit

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